Evaluations during the online portion of the Blue Card Command program are divided into two (2) different types: cumulative “Test Your Knowledge” assessments throughout the training program, as well as ten (10) question summative cognitive assessments at the end of each of the 8 modules in the program. 

The “Test Your Knowledge” assessments are dispersed throughout the online program and provide an excellent means for the student to practically apply the reading and video material in the preceding section. The “Test Your Knowledge” questions and scenario exercises DO NOT form part of the final grade for the program. 

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What options are available to retake the cognitive evaluations if a student is not successful in obtaining 70%?

Each student has three (3) opportunities to pass the test with a minimum score of 70%. 

1st Chance – Is when the student is going through the actual online program and takes the tests at the end of each Command Function module. If all modules are completed with a cumulative average score of 70% or greater, the student will receive their online training certificate as soon as they have completed the modules. If their overall test score is under a 70% average, they will have 2 more chances to pass the cognitive test.

2nd Chance - The student will be able to take the 2nd test as soon as they finish their online modules with a failing score (below 70%). The second test will be delivered in ten (10) question segments for each Command Function. If the student achieves a cumulative score of 70% or greater, the student will receive their online training certificate. If their 2nd overall test score is under a 70% average, the student will be locked out of the online system for 72 hours before being provided one (1) more chance to pass the written test. 

3rd Chance - After being locked out of the modules for 72 hours, the student will be able to take the same structured test as test #2. If the student achieves a cumulative score of 70% or greater on test #3, the student will receive their online training certificate. If their 3rd overall test score is below a 70% average, their online training modules will be reset to an un-scored status and they will have to take the entire online training program over again in order to participate in the testing process a 2nd time. The Blue Card cognitive testing system directly reflects and complies with all other accredited fire service testing and certification programs.

How long to candidates have to complete the Simulation/Evaluation Lab once they have completed the online portion of the program?

All candidates must attend an evaluation-simulation lab within 1 year from the time of completing this online training program.

What is involved in the Simulation/Evaluation Lab component of the Blue Card Program?

The simulation/evaluation lab is the manipulative portion of the Blue Card Program and involves each student being evaluated in the role of the initial arriving Incident Commander (E-1 officer) and as the second arriving Incident Commander (BC-1 response chief). The student will have to fill both of the Incident Commander rolls for each of the program’s 5 basic building types. The 5 basic building types are: residential, multi-unit residential, strip malls, commercial buildings, and big box structures. These occupancies represent over 90% of the structural fires we respond to and operate on. After successfully completing all of the required simulation evaluations, the student will be officially certified as a Blue Card IC.

Is all reference material for the cognitive test questions derived from the videos and readings within the online presentations?

No. The reference textbook for the cognitive online testing portion of the IC certification program is Fire Command 2nd Edition. There is a Fire Command e-textbook provided to the student with each online subscription. The cognitive tests throughout the modules count toward their overall completion status, please study the reference material provided prior to taking the online tests. 

NOTE: These E-textbooks are Flash based and cannot open on an iPad.

Students must have a minimum passing score of 70% on the cognitive assessments in order to be considered successful in the cognitive (online) portion of the program and receive their online training certificate. 

The end of each of the eight (8) Command Function Modules in the online program wraps up with a 10 question cognitive test. There are over 40 questions in the test bank for each Command Function (over 300 available questions for the entire program). Each Command Function test randomly selects 10 of the 40 questions at the end of each module. Each question’s multiple choice answers are arbitrarily listed each time the question is displayed in the system.

The eight test scores of 10 marks each, for a total of 80 answers scored, are combined and correlated for the student’s final score for the online portion of the program.

AOYS Online Course and Certification

What is included in the $385.00/US Blue Card registration fee?

The $385.00 (US Funds) provides course registration and a one (1) year subscription to the online training portion of the Blue Card Command Program. This includes the 50 hours of online training and an additional 12 hours on Continuing Education modules over one (1) year. That’s 62 hours of cognitive and knowledge based command level training for $385.00 (US Funds); less than $6.25 per hour of high level training.

Is the online training portion of Blue Card the only component?

No. There are 3 main elements of the Blue Card training and certification program. These include:

  1. Completion of the 40-50 hour online training program (Cognitive portion of the program) 
  2. Completion of the Simulation/Evaluation Lab (Manipulative portion of the program) 
  3. Continuing Education (CE) and 3 year re-certification process (Cognitive and Manipulative skill maintenance) 

How long does it take (on average) to complete the online portion of the Blue Card program?

The online component of the Blue Card program takes 50 hours to complete and fulfills 100% of the Blue Card Hazard Zone Incident Command standard’s cognitive and knowledge based classroom requirements. The successful completion of this Blue Card online training program is the first step in the command certification process. Once the student has successfully passed the online training program with a 70% or higher cognitive test score, they will be eligible to attend a 3 day Blue Card simulation based evaluation lab.

How long does the registrant have to complete the online portion of the Blue Card Program?

Each registrant will have 12 months to complete the online portion of the Blue Card Program from the time that they first log in to the system as a registered user.

What forms of cumulative and summative evaluation are included in the online portion of the Blue Card Command program in order to be successful?